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How To Write An Amazon Product Overview That Generates Commissions


If you want to know
how to write an Amazon product review, you should know that it’s not easy. Even though picking an Amazon product to sell is simple, some beneficial and technical things need to be done to make your product review effective.

Sometimes you can overdo it with a product review. I’ve seen some Amazon product reviews that praise a product so much that it detracts from the
objectivity of the review. Then, I’ve seen some product reviews that totally seem like advertisements.

And then on the flip side, I’ve seen some Amazon product reviews that don’t convince the buyer at all to
click on the Amazon affiliate link and buy the product. 

I want to go over some basic methods on how to write Amazon product reviews for your affiliate website so that you can turn more of your visitors into
affiliate commissions.

There’s no exact formula for writing an Amazon product review, but I’m going to give you the
key tips you need to know to make your review as effective as possible. Here’s the first tip for writing an Amazon product review that will boost your chances of getting a sale.

Pre-sell, Don’t Sell

Have you ever heard of the term “pre-selling“? It’s totally different from “selling”, and it’s critical when it comes to introducing someone to an Amazon product that you want to promote.

Pre-selling is the process of warming up a prospect about the Amazon product that they’re about to visit after they click on your affiliate link. You’re trying to give them a basic idea of why they should buy the Amazon product they’re about to encounter, and Amazon will do the job of
closing the sale for you.

You see, when people come across your Amazon product review, they’ve already made up their mind that they want to buy something soon related to a problem or desire that they have. Your product review will only help to
solidify and confirm their decision to buy, and make them feel confident in their purchasing decision.

People who want to buy from Amazon are highly targeted (and repeat) customers who have no problem clicking the “buy now”
button on the Amazon sales page. They just need guidance and reassurance that they’re making the right decision to buy the product.

Your pre-sell product review page will be their “guiding light” on why they should buy the product, and if you craft it in the right way, you’ll be on your way to
earning an affiliate commission easily.

Don’t Give Every Product 5 Stars

Not every Amazon product that you review should get 5 stars. If you’re reviewing multiple products at once, you need to give people reasons why you recommend one product more than another. 

Even though you will
earn an affiliate commission on every product that you review, you want to be honest at the same time. Plus, this helps to build credibility in your prospect’s eye about the authority of your site and content.

Never force anyone into a sale, and don’t only talk about the good things about a product. Share some of the flaws of the product and give reasons why it received a rating from you of 4 stars or below.

Talk About The Benefits Of The Product Instead Of The Features

People already have a good idea about what a particular Amazon product is supposed to do. So don’t waste time talking about the features of the product. Instead,
talk about the benefits and how your prospect’s life will greatly improve from using this product.

If you’re promoting a hair trimmer, don’t talk about its “blade-cutting formula”. Tell your prospect how good they will look because the blades will give them a cut-free shave, and that they will look more groomed as compared to using inferior hair trimmers.

People want to know
“what’s in it for them”. So tell them how the Amazon product you’re promoting will enhance their life, instead of how the product works.

If Possible, Buy The Product

This tip is essential for
any product review that you write, not just for an Amazon review. If you can buy the product and use it, this is the best kind of review that you can give. Because in some instances, you can even give a video demonstration of the product also.

But sometimes, buying the product isn’t always possible.

For example, if you’re reviewing
big-ticket Amazon affiliate products (like $2,000+ digital cameras), it may be tough to buy all of the cameras at once and review them all. 

In instances like this, you can read the reviews of other users and combine their input with what you know about the features of the product to create a compelling review.

You can
watch Youtube videos
of a product, read Amazon reviews of a product, and learn about how the product works to write an Amazon review that gives a detailed analysis of the product.

However, if you can buy the product, then buy it. Nothing is better than a
true testimonial and review from you with your personal experience with the product.

Share The Pros And Cons Of The Product

Every Amazon product has
pros and cons. And when it comes to the cons of a product, don’t hide this from a customer. They want to know everything, so highlight the cons of a product. 

Highlighting the cons of a product makes your review seem
more credible than another review that only talks about the pros of the product.

But remember not to downgrade the product. If you can, simply
make a list or chart
of the pros and cons of a particular product, and why a customer should still purchase the product despite its flaws.

This works with anything you’re promoting online. For example, I write about
affiliate marketing, but it’s not the only income model available on the internet. Yet I’ve made it a point to highlight the differences and pros and cons of affiliate marketing versus other business models on the internet. 

You can see examples of my comparisons below:

Talk about the pros of your Amazon product, and share how they outshine the cons. It will only build up more confidence in your buyer and make them more inclined to buy from your affiliate link than from someone else’s.

Offer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Product

Your prospect will have alot of questions about the Amazon product you’re reviewing, so answer these questions for them with a list of FAQs about the product.

Offering about 5-10 FAQs
about a product will give them enough answers to determine whether or not the Amazon product is for them. Once again, this boosts your credibility and
increases the chances of someone buying from your affiliate link.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have a good idea of
how to write an Amazon product review for your affiliate website. Just remember to help and inform people about all of the aspects of the product you’re reviewing, instead of making your review sound like a sales pitch.

Remember to “pre-sell” instead of sell. That’s the main takeaway from this blog post, as your suggestion of an Amazon product will be the most powerful weapon in your sales arsenal. 

When it comes to
selling with Amazon and writing Amazon product reviews, coming across as a friend rather than a salesman will help you to close the sale and get the affiliate commission that you’re looking for.


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